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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Skull Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism

The rise in popularity of tattoo in general and a deeper understanding of the symbolism behind skull tattoos have both lead to more and more people to getting a skull tattoo. It does not have to symbolize only a negative side of death but actually for many cutlures and people skulls represent a celebration of life. I know it sounds paradoxical and doesn't make sense but read on to learn more about the symbolism and imagery of skull tattoos.

Symbolism Behind Skull Tattoos-

As stated above skull tattoos don't just have to symbolism rebellion, anarchy and being a bad ass dude in general. There are actually many much deeper traditions and symbolic meaning behind skull tattoos.

Latin Symbolism

In Latin the saying of "Memento Mori" roughly translates as "remeber everyone must die" This is not to be morbid or sick and focus on death but it is actually meant to focus on life. It is very much like the old Samurai of Japan that would frequently state today is a good day to die. For the Japanese Samurai saying this means I need to live today to the fullest becuase life is passing and quickly gone so I should not live with regrets. A skull tattoo can have the same meaning and symbolism behind it.

Religious Symbolism And Meaning of Skull Tattoos

For many religions and cutlures skulls hold a very significant place also. Just think og the Hindu god Kali or even Shiva who adorn themselves in necklaces of human skulls. They are showing their strentgh and power over life and through destorying come rebrith and regenration. So for example the Goddess Kali is known as the great destoryer. However, she is seen as not only destorying in her destruction she is also paving the way for the new to come in and rebirth.

Many of us are also familiar with the bright skull and skeleton images that go along with Mexico's celebration of the Day of The Dead. In fact much of Latin, Central and South America celebrate the day of the dead. Yes at it's heart it is a day to rember loved ones but it is also a day to celebrate their time on eartch and more deeply apperciate your time on earth. So a skull or skeleton does not just simply mean death but it can also mean enjoy life to its fullest at the same time.

Skulls Of Protection

Skulls are also used throughout ancient art as a protective symbol. Often they would adorn the outside of tempels and buildings to ward off evil spirits. A skull tattoo can be worn to do the same and in fact many gambelers will have skull imagery to ward off bad luck.

Skulls A Symbol For Overcomming Death

Another closely related meaning of skull tattoos can be a victory over a life threatening disease. Say someone has sturggeled with some life threatening illness or had a near death experience. They might want to remeber this and really feel good about the triumph over the tragedy or event and therefore they might get a skull tattoo to show their power over the illeness or event.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Modern Japanese Tattooing History

Between the Kofun Period and the Edo period the orgins and hsitory of tattoos and their usage becomes some what obscure. However, it is clear that tattoo came in and out of fashion during various periods of times. Tattoos were often still used to mark criminals but there are also periods of time when they became fashionable to wear.

Then finally during the Edo period the art form that we know today as Irezumi was developed. During this period of time the Japanese discovered or borrowed the art form of wood block printing from the Japanese. The Japanese artists would use chisels, gouges and ink to create these beautifully designed art works. They essentailly used their tools to carve out wood and then inked the wood with a strong permenent ink and pressed the wood block onto paper creating a art form called wood blocking. Thus the art of decorative tattooing was born.

These artists were not content just doing their work in wood or onto paper and they eventually started doing the work into skin creating the art form of Irezumi or tattooing. Amazingly enough they were able to use the same tools chisels, gouges and ink to do their tattoo work. Talk about a painful tattoo! Although interesting enough some people still practice this form tattooing today and they beleive that these tattoos have a deeper and longer lasting color then tattooing done with modern tattoo guns and inks.

It is unclear and a matter of debate who wore tattoo during the Edo period. Some scholars beleive that the mercahnt class were the ones that bore these elborate tattoos. While other beleive it was the lower clas who wore and even flautned their elborate tattoos. It is clear however, that during this period many firemen would get tattoos as a form of spirtiual protection.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Tattoo Ideas For Women

Why should guys be the only ones to enjoy the permanent body art of tattoos? Although some people might have the idea that tattoos detract from a woman's essential femininity, nothing could be farther from the truth. A tattoo is a banner telling the world something about you, and it can be as feminine as you want it to be!

One thing that can make a tattoo really pop is its placement and there are plenty of places on the female body that can really work for this purpose. Think about the natural curve of your hip and imagine how well a tattoo could fit that curve.

For instance, many women who have floral or vine tattoos curve them over their waist and down to their thigh, creating a design that works with their body. Many women also consider getting a tattoo at the small of their back; there is a lovely flat piece of skin there that can display a tattoo wonderfully. If you're looking for something especially cute think about a tattoo that winds its way around your ankle or foot. This is one place to get a tattoo that doesn't stand out immediately and can add a delightfully whimsical touch to your entire look.

If you don't mind mixing and matching, why not consider a feminine tattoo placed in a typically masculine place? Tattoos on the arms are usually associated with tough guys, but what about something delightfully girlish taking its place? Instead of a ring of barbed wire around the upper arm, what about a flowing Celtic design, or a twining vine of leaves and flowers? Forearm tattoos are often considered masculine, but remember that it's all in perception. Think about about an elegant design of snakes, or butterflies. Either of these designs can be ideal, depending on what your view of femininity is.

If you are looking for a tattoo that reinforces your femininity, there are plenty of subjects to choose from. You can go with cute and adorable, or you can go with sensuously beautiful, anything that matches how you feel. Remember that a tattoo is above all a statement and whatever the message, it should be one that you don't mind projecting for the rest of your life!

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